Ding, dong, DADT is dead!

The other drama in the Prop 8 furor: people are talking about how the judge who decided it is supposedly gay.

In fact, they’re talking about it as if that makes him unfairly biased.

Seriously? In an op-ed column unimaginatively titled, Why Has Media Ignored Judge’s Possible Bias In California’s Gay Marriage Case? conservative columnist Gerard Bradley further explains that it’s not the fact that the judge is gay that’s the problem – it’s the fact that he’s in a stable same-sex relationship and might actually want to get married one day. So he should have recused himself from the case.

Hold up, hold up. Let me get this straight. (Pun intended.) What they’re saying is, straight people can decide what queer people should and shouldn’t be allowed to do without any bias whatsoever. But queer people can’t?

Did I miss something? Does that make sense to anyone here? Tell me, who is more qualified to decide what queer people need than a queer person? I mean, I and my homosexual buddies don’t try to regulate straight marriage (though probably someone should).

This goes back to the debate that was raging when Sotomayor was being confirmed as the first Latina Supreme Court justice: white does not mean unbiased. Straight does not mean unbiased. Male does not mean unbiased. How come people who don’t fit in those categories are seen as bringing their bias to every table they sit down at? It’s not that they don’t have bias – it’s that EVERYONE has bias. This thing they call the law, this thing they call the Constitution, it’s biased. There is no such THING as no bias.

Simple stuff. I learned that in high school. How did Gerard Bradley and these other fools even graduate high school?


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