Ding, dong, DADT is dead!

I Feel Like Laura Ingalls.

This is more about general annoyance than DADT annoyance, but I’m telling you anyway: I just realized that my girlfriend has been stationed in the middle of freaking NOWHERE.

I found this out while buying tickets to go visit her for Labor Day (you’d think people would be required to labor on Labor Day but they’re not; I actually have a three-day weekend). Basically, it’s impossible to get there except maybe by horse and buggy. It has this ridiculously tiny municipal airport that only receives like four flights a day. Who thinks of that? Why even build an airport?

And then, the airport’s website definitely looks like it was made on WordPress. That’s not a diss on WordPress. I like WordPress fine. But I’M not trying to transport people across the country!

So I ended up having to fly into an airport that’s in a completely different state. Which means Captain Awesome is gonna have to drive for hours to pick me up. As someone who made their first transcontinental flight at six weeks old, I find this ridiculous. It’s not even ridiculous – it’s RICOCKULOUS.

Maybe I’m just too cosmopolitan. Maybe the residents of that state are perfectly fine with having only four flights a day. Maybe I’m the one with the problem.

Also, Captain Awesome just moved into her new residence off post, and found out that one of her housemates is in the Army. Which isn’t surprising, but — not cool! She has a separate entrance to her part of the house, but I’m definitely probably going to have to enter the dwelling by cover of darkness. And loud sex is out of the question. I guess it’s out anyway when you have housemates (not that that stops some of MY housemates), but still.


Comments on: "I Feel Like Laura Ingalls." (2)

  1. Um, my airport only has THREE flights a day… don’t judge… just sayin’

  2. Oh, and I don’t think Miss Ingalls EVER said “RICOCKULOUS”… maybe after they moved to the city…

    I am SO stealing that word…

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