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Making Friends

Captain Awesome and I are both trying to settle into a routine now that we live so far apart. One thing that makes that hard is that neither of us really cotton to people. Most of the time, we prefer each other’s company. Even in the beginning, we spent most of our evenings together nestled up against each other in her living room, me reading a book and her watching The L Word.

Now that we’re apart, we’re trying to remember what we did before we got together. It’s taken some adjusting. It’s not as hard for me—I’m living with five other ridiculously hot women who are interested in music, art, politics, and philosophy, which is a pretty exact listing of my own interests. So when I need to forget the fact that my lady’s setting up a cute new apartment without me in it, I just go downstairs.

I’ve also been making efforts to do a lot of art and writing. Now that I’m alone, I have more time to do that. I’ve also been restraining myself from smoking weed every second. It’s not addictive, but it can become a crutch. (I probably shouldn’t talk about weed, but hey. If you’ve figured out who I am, I’m probably in bigger trouble than possession.)

Captain Awesome is starting to do well herself. She’s been lurking at the single gay bar in the area, and she’s hung out with some of the dykes she met there. She also went on a nature outing with another new captain. And then she texted me yesterday and said: “I saw another gay! He’s an Army [here she listed his job], and he’s buff and very pretty!”

It’s great that there are flamers in the military. I feel like it really highlights the stupidity of the law. When you look at Captain Awesome, the first word that comes to your head is “awesome”. The second is “GAY”.

It just hits home the fact that queer people have been serving in the military since day one.


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  1. The L Word…Shane…yummmmmm

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