Ding, dong, DADT is dead!

Facebook Police

Just got back from– haha, you thought I was gonna tell you, didn’t you. That’s cute.

I just got back from hanging out with Captain Awesome in Militaryville. Don’t ask and I won’t tell. Yes on the Captain Awesome, no on the Militaryville. We had a great time, though! I’ll be posting about it throughout the week. A lot of things happened, most of them good and none of them lifestyle-threatening. But, I’m currently doing damage control on Facebook.

So many people tag photos they upload with the names of the people in them. Which is great — it’s a way of showing the people in the photo that there’s a badass photo of them on the nets.

Unless, of course, you’re a military homo, and said photo is of you standing with your girlfriend next to a six-foot-tall DRAG QUEEN with a giant rainbow FLAG behind you!

I told you we had a good time.

But the photo has to go! Please, friends of military homos–if you care about your friend’s career, be careful with the tagging tool. Try to remember what your soldier friend already remembers 24/7: don’t tell!


Comments on: "Facebook Police" (1)

  1. Yes, social media can be the bane of queer soldiers… Even with all of the security settings, it’s hard to police what others post. It’s not limited to FB, either – when my partner was in Iraq, a bunch of drunken friends sent a postcard with a pic of a naked guy posing sexily on the beach. When he went to the base post office, fellow troops had already seen it and harassed him big time. He quickly made up some bullshit story and it was eventually forgotten.

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