Ding, dong, DADT is dead!

Still gay today.

Captain Awesome and I are doing well, despite not being allowed to be gay and fighting Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, etcetera etcetera. Honestly, I get bored thinking about it sometimes.That’s what straight privilege is: if you’re straight and you get bored of thinking about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, you can just ignore it till you feel like thinking about it again.

Me and Captain Awesome and all you gay soldiers  and partners out there… not so much.

But sometimes you can pretend your life is normal.

Captain Awesome’s been seeing dental patients–which is exciting for her, because she only just escaped the confines of dental school. This is the beginning of her career as a dentist. She texted me today and said:

I did a pulpal debridement today!

Um…great, Captain Awesome. Whatever that is. (Apparently it’s some kind of root canal prep.)

I’m psyched that Captain Awesome is where she is, doing what she’s doing. I wish the organization she works for would stop invading other countries, but that’s not gonna happen any time soon. And Captain Awesome doesn’t seem too bothered by it–she’s too busy doing dental work. She’s texted several times to say how much she loves her job and knows she picked the right career.

Knowing that she feels that way makes it much easier to live apart from her.

I’m doing pretty well myself. I don’t know if my job is gonna last past the end of the month, but I don’t really care either way. They paid me shitloads of money all summer to WRITE. I mean, I don’t know anybody who would say no to that, unless they can’t spell or something.

Also, I’m finally living out on my own — not just on my own, but with five ridiculously sexy women. I don’t know anybody who would say no to that either, unless they were gay or something.

Basically Captain Awesome and I both have a nice girl, a nice house, and a nice job.

There’s only one problem — but you already know what that is.


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