Ding, dong, DADT is dead!

I’m Coming For You, Pentagon

It’s a big today tomorrow for all us gay military partners: fifteen of us are meeting with the fancy Pentagon people regarding Don’t Ask Don’t Tell to talk about…..what? I don’t know what they think they’re gonna hear from us– “Yeah, I love Don’t Ask Don’t Tell! It saves me so many awkward conversations about my sexuality!”

What do they think we’re gonna say?

An aside: we fifteen partners are 0.0001 percent of the straight spouses who have been asked their opinion.

How does that constitute an equal sample? I’ve said this before: the Pentagon’s so-called “study” wouldn’t even pass the most basic undergraduate methodology class. Can you imagine if I walked into a college class and said I was gonna do a study where I surveyed 150,000 people from one group, and 15 from another?

They would laugh me out of school!

Anyway. Anyway. I’m taking what I can get. I’m trying to go into this with an open — actually no I’m not. If the Pentagon people think we’re all gonna sit down and have some kind of HRC Dinner Bullshit where they say they’re gonna end the law and we stand up and clap, they have a crapload of other thinks coming.

I have some things to say tomorrow! And so do you, my gay military partner audience. It’s you that I’m writing for. We ARE here. We DO exist. And tomorrow, I’ll be thinking of all of you, even though I’ve never seen you before. I can’t say that I’m speaking for you because no one can claim to speak for anyone but herself. But I’ll be thinking of you.


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  1. So how did it go? Did they take your input seriously?

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