Ding, dong, DADT is dead!

I am. I’m practically rolling around on the floor, I’m so nervous about today’s vote in the Senate. Just seeing the headline on Yahoo yesterday made a chill go through me: DADT Showdown Looming In Senate.

Why do they have to make it sound so ominous? Can’t they just vote now and put me out of my misery?

I know all you other military queers are out there, waiting with bated breath like Captain Awesome and I are. (Actually, Captain Awesome is probably blithely seeing patients. She asked me to just text her.)

I know I’m hard-core, but I’m considering actually crying when this vote is over. No matter which way it goes.

If it goes the wrong way, we’re back to having NO idea when we’ll be able to be out with our partners. Because the Pentagon’s study has nothing to do with the legislative process. They can come up with all the recommendations they want, but nobody can implement those without some kind of okay from the legislature.

Have some HEART, religious right! For you, this is an abstract battle of morals. For us, it goes straight into our kitchens and our bedrooms and our lives!

Partner friends – you know who you are, even though no one else does – let’s all join cyber hands so we’ll stop biting our nails.


Comments on: "Is Anybody Else Hyperventilating Today?" (2)

  1. Joining cyber hands! I’m so so nervous and I’ve felt like crying allllll day.

  2. You were all in my thoughts.

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