Ding, dong, DADT is dead!

Legal Issues

You may be wondering why your favorite gay military partner hasn’t been blogging.

One word: LSAT.

It could also be two or four words, depending on how you look at it. Anyway, I wasn’t lying when I said in my profile that I have one eye on law school. I have a pretty good job now, so I’m in no hurry to apply, but I figured I should get the LSAT out of the way (assuming my score is acceptable and I don’t have to take it again).

So that’s what I did. It took freaking ALL DAY (counting my commute to another city because the spaces in my city were full). But I think it went well. I get my scores on November 1st.

Nothing’s going on on the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell front – unless you count Judge V. Phillips issuing an INJUNCTION against the law! That’s what I’m talking about, folks. THAT is a responsible use of power.

I’ve been kind of bummed lately, though. First of all, Captain Awesome and I don’t get to chill together until THANKSGIVING, which is like a million years away. That’s 3,715,200 seconds.

Although it’s fewer now.

And now.

Second of all, the other military homos I know are going through the same old shit. My friend Lyra’s girlfriend Chief is finally coming home from Iraq—but because of scheduling and late military planes, they don’t get to see each other for another three weeks. Lyra’s doing great, but your upper lip can only get so stiff before it cracks.

Gay Soldier’s Husband‘s husband (aka, Clay, or I guess I should just call him Gay Soldier) is still hearing homophobic shit every day from the other dudes in his class. Although he should be about done with that training now. I had breakfast with Gay Soldier’s Husband (aka, Brad) last week, and it was cool to see him again, get to know him better outside of repeal activism.

And so on. I’ll be watching next month’s election with interest. Usually I don’t care whether there are Democrats or Republicans in office (they’re all the same to a pinko like myself), but DADT is an issue they’re somewhat divided on. There are a bunch of pessimist LOSERS out there who say DADT won’t be repealed next year if too many Republicans are voted into office.

I can call them losers even if they’re right.


Comments on: "Legal Issues" (1)

  1. It was great to see you!

    Let me know as soon as you hear about the LSATs.

    Clay comes home in a few days (YAY!)

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