Ding, dong, DADT is dead!

At one point (last week) I was reading all the news about the injunction against Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and Obama&Co.’s response, but now

I just don’t care.

There’s nothing you and I can do, really. Obama’s made it clear he’s not gonna end DADT until HE decides to end it. So there’s really no point in bugging him about it. I get it, O. You’re the Commander In Chief.

Doesn’t mean I have to watch the news, though.

Instead I’m  hanging out in drag at home. I like dressing in drag just for fun. Today I dressed up one of my housemates who was interested, and we both walked down the street together. She came back and changed into a cute skirt and sweater, but I decided to sit around a little longer as a man.

Except I looked silly when Captain Awesome called because I totally broke character in front of my housemates and was like, “Ooooh! It’s [Captain Awesome]! I’m so excited! Hey boo! How’s it going?”

I couldn’t help it.

Also today I got a little sad because I was biking in the city and I saw these two dykes (a Bette-and-Tina kind of couple) walking and one of them had her arm around the other and was like, “Well, how would you like to go to the zoo?”  And the other one squealed and said, “The zoo! That’s the best idea ever! Yes, let’s go to the zoo!”

And I knew they were gonna go to the zoo and look at the baby animals and probably make out a little bit in the reptile house (’cause they can get away with that in public) and then go home and make dinner together.

And that was a little depressing, to think that I could totally be doing that with Captain Awesome if we were together. (Although we like to make out where the birds are. The reptile house is too crowded.) I could tell they thought I was a pervert because I kept staring at them while they were talking.

Not like I didn’t have a fun weekend. Captain Awesome and I are good at doing things like having a life, even when we miss each other.


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