Ding, dong, DADT is dead!

Captain Awesome's Army closet. It's small but roomy.

What’s up with telling military homos not to come out?

I’m mainly looking at you, Servicemembers Legal Defense Network. It seems like every time something goes down about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell in the news, no matter how en-hope-ifying it is, SLDN sends out a big email telling military homos not to come out (and to donate to the cause). To me and Captain Awesome, that’s just depressing.  We GET that it’s not safe to come out. Also, the emails read like fear-mongering to rally more people to the anti-DADT cause.

Is it just me? Is that too harsh? I mean, I get that some developments (like the current  court case) are really confusing.  In the wake of those developments, it can be helpful send out an explanatory email to stop those soldiers who thought they were gonna go to work next day in a rainbow thong and not get investigated.

But having a whole web page telling soldiers to not come out makes it look like you’re stressing the necessity of y’all’s existence as an organization more than anything else.

And also, even assuming such a page is necessary, I disagree with the language on the page. Their exact words:

Do NOT come out.

I don’t think ANYBODY has the right to tell Captain Awesome not to come out.  Not me, not her CO, nobody. If Captain Awesome decides to come out while the law’s still in effect, that’s her decision, and I know SLDN would be there to help her. So what they need to say instead is, “Do not come out if you don’t want to be separated”.

It’s just that when they tell gays not to come out, it makes SLDN look like it’s on SLDN’s side, not ours.

I’m not hating. Aaron, you and me are cool. I’m just throwing out some constructive criticism, because I don’t think the message y’all are sending coincides with the message you WANT to send. And also, those emails are a downer.


Comments on: "I gotta call someone out today." (1)

  1. Clay will be SO upset that he has to put his rainbow thong away…

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