Ding, dong, DADT is dead!

So technically, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell seems to be suspended. The Pentagon apparently told the recruiting commands to start accepting out homos. For now.

This is really exciting, but I hope this isn’t going to be the only time gays can be open.

I can tell you right now– I haven’t talked to Captain Awesome yet, but she is not going to come out.

It’s kind of depressing for repeal to be so close, so visible, yet not within our grasp. But things look good. The appeals process is sure to take a while, and by then we’ll be into Congress’ lame duck session and it may be overturned there.

I look forward to talking with Captain Awesome about it. Not because it’s my favorite subject, but because I just like talking to her.  She’s really great to talk to. Every day — I can’t think of a day we’ve missed recently — one of us calls the other up and we talk and laugh and tell each other how cute and wonderful we are.  We talk about problems, victories, fears, issues, friends, and work. We talk about everything! Captain Awesome and I are best buds.

Anyway, my favorite comment on the Yahoo article is:

“Great another turn against God. Any thing for a vote , right Democrates?”

I don’t know what a “Democrate” is but I’m sure God will smite them.


Comments on: "Line up to join the military, homos. Just don’t expect to stay in." (1)

  1. Aren’t demo-crates the things that the people at Costco put their food samples on? I’m confused – is God against Costco?

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