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Medical Issues

Some breasts for my dykes readers. Because I can.

Hi, military homos. How are you? I have a problem today – the kind of problem that becomes infuriating when you throw Don’t Ask Don’t Tell in there. Even though technically that particular law is suspended.

What a joke.

Anyway, long story short: Captain Awesome has a not-so-suspicious lump in her breast that the doctors still want to remove because they can’t get enough info from a needle biopsy.

FREAKY, right? Of course there’s no reason to worry because it shows every sign of being benign, but that hasn’t stopped me from laying awake all night worrying. Have I mentioned that Captain Awesome lives more than thousand miles away from me?

Plan A was to take off work and fly out to be with her. I have money saved up for unexpected things like that. I had already started thinking about how I was gonna make that happen when I realized the obvious – I can’t be with her even if I do fly out there. The most I could do would be wait around until she came out of the hospital and then make soup for her, or whatever you eat when they just sliced your breast open.

Captain Awesome is way more hard-core than me, but I can tell she’s pretty nervous about this. I’m so sad I can’t hug her THIS SECOND. It’s not a huge procedure, but this is one of those things that a partner is supposed to BE there for. I feel like I’m failing as a partner. I know that’s a silly thing to think, but that’s how I feel.


Comments on: "Medical Issues" (2)

  1. It’s not YOU that’s failing; it’s the military that’s failing its servicemembers. It’s the government that’s failing its citizens.

    Being there for her however you are able is not failure.

  2. Thanks, Brad. This right here is why we don’t have time to wait while they fool around in the Senate.

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