Ding, dong, DADT is dead!

If you’ve ever texted your queer military partner while they’re at work, and if they’ve ever texted back, then your partner needs a privacy screen for their phone.  Those things are the best. I would post a picture of one, but I don’t want to needlessly promote any of those smart-phone brands.

Basically the privacy screen is a little skin that sticks on top of your phone screen. You buy a square of it at your local phone store (well, it’s probably not that local), and then they or you can cut it down to a size that fits your phone.

The screen makes it so that you can only see the screen of your phone if you’re looking directly at it. Tip the thing ten degrees to the side and it goes completely black. Which is pretty handy when you want to check out your lady’s picture but there are a bunch of nosy straight people right next to you.

A privacy screen makes all the difference. I can’t tell you how many times Captain Awesome has been glad she got one. It keeps her from looking around suspiciously every time she sends a text message or looks at my picture. In fact, it even allows her to have my picture as her home screen (which I still don’t think she should do, but that hasn’t stopped her).


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