Ding, dong, DADT is dead!

Photo Detour

Here is a picture of Captain Awesome (left). She’s walking towards me just after her graduation from medical officer training in July. That’s one of her classmates on the right.  Captain Awesome’s got a giant smile on her face, and she’s super happy– partly because she’s so stoked and relieved to have finished training, but also because I and her mother travelled to see her graduate — and also because she’ll be getting to shower regularly now that she’s back from the field.

She’s also smiling because we had just been apart for longer than ever before in our relationship (six weeks) and she still can’t quite believe that I’m really there. She’s excited about all the things we’re going to do in the few days we have to chill in that city. She’s excited that she’s finally realizing her dream of becoming a Real Live Dentist. I’m smiling back at her because she looks ridiculously sexy in her uniform, and because I’m so proud of her and happy to see her. I’m smiling extra big so she can see how hard I would hug her if such behavior were allowed for us.

It was a happy day.


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  1. I noticed you commented on my DADT post yesterday. I COMPLETELY agree with everything you said. I hate it when people try and make it seem like DADT is some sort of pre-emptive form of hate crime protection. It’s not THEIR responsibility to “protect the gays” from hate crime, certainly not by discharging them. That’s such a vote of no confidence, like saying they aren’t capable of managing their own lives.

    And BTW, you asked if I was a queer in a straight relationship. The guy I’m hugging in my picture is my husband. I’m bisexual, and I married the person I loved, who could have easily been a woman, but is instead a male. Some people like to say that makes me “straight” but I still have an ATTRACTION to women, hence being “bi”.

    Anyways, LOVE your blog :)

    • :-) Yeah, that whole DADT argument is analogous to when the Southern whitefolks said they should keep slavery because the poor slaves wouldn’t know what to do if they were freed. It’s not anywhere near the same thing, but it’s the same path of logic.
      Homos don’t need a benevolent straight father.

      Yeah, you mentioned you were bi but I hadn’t read any other of your posts when I commented, so I didn’t wanna assume you had a husband. People call me bi too, but that implies that there’re only two gender and I definitely like all genders (butch, femme, bear, twink, etc.) I actually prefer the term ‘pansexual playboy with a concentration in women’. But I’m pretty chill when people call me bi. What’s funny about liking more than one gender is that if you’re in a straight relationship, people always wanna say you’re just straight. But if you’re in a queer relationship, people question your identity all the time (Are you SURE you don’t wanna date a guy?)

      Double standard! And then there’s the whole hating from the gay community about bisexuals running off to StraightPrivilegeville the minute things get hard… which is wrong and divisive.

      Anyway. That’s a whole different post. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Ugh… This pic is a perfect representation of how DADT robs us of our ability to share the important moments of our lives with each other :(

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