Ding, dong, DADT is dead!

Everybody’s making all these videos telling queer youth things are gonna get better. I think the project’s been helpful for the whole queer community, not just youth — this is the first time I can remember that so many of us have talked openly to each other about our struggles.
Even Obama got in on the action, though he neglected to say that things only get better if you’re not planning on joining the military.

Queer teens, I’m gonna keep it real with you. Your life is not gonna turn into some magical fairyland where you go snowboarding with Dan Savage’s gorgeous husband. Your haters aren’t gonna turn around one day and say they love homos alluva sudden. Your family may never stop ignoring that fact that you and your girlfriend bang each other and aren’t just friends. And you’re going to lose friends throughout your entire life.

But the longer you stick with things, the less you’ll give a shit. And some stuff is always gonna be hard to deal with. There’re gonna be some ex-friends where you look at their photo in your yearbook thirty years later and you’re like, Shit, I still can’t believe he betrayed me.

But you’re going to get to a point where more good things happen in a day than bad. You’re going to get a job. You’re gonna get laid. You’re going to meet someone you love so much, you don’t care how much crap you have to deal with to be with them. It’s true! Right up through sophomore year of college, I thought I was never even gonna kiss a girl. Everyone else around me was getting laid when they were like sixteen, and I was still playing with myself and wearing too-large sweatshirts. Now? I’m a complete pimp. I look good every day. And I have a lady I love more than I love puppies, or rainbows, or snow. Things aren’t easy for us, but we have each other.

It’s kind of true when they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Don’t let it kill you.


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