Ding, dong, DADT is dead!

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Happy Tofurkey Day.

Just kidding. I would never touch that stuff.

So, tomorrow’s Thanksgiving. And don’t even get me started on the “Pilgrims” and that whole crock of shit. That’s a whole ‘nother post, if not a whole ‘nother blog.

Captain Awesome is flying in to see me tomorrow.It’s been close to three months since we last saw each other — which is the longest we’ve ever gone since we met. I swear, before she went active duty, we would freak out if we were away from each other for one night. We never got TIRED of each other, man. We’re tight like that.

So it’s been a hard three months. It’s crazy when I think of how much has happened since we last saw each other. So much has happened in both our lives; some good and some bad. But we weren’t there for each other.

I just want to enjoy this long weekend with her. Because next week things are going to heat up. On Monday, the Pentagon report about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is coming out. It was leaked a little while ago, so I know it says that people don’t care whether queers are out or not — but thinking of the Senate’s reactions scares me.

I’m just gonna enjoy having Captain Awesome in my arms. We’ll deal with DADT another day.


It’s Veterans’ Day.

I guess I should do a post about Veterans’ Day, since people act like you hate freedom or something if you don’t talk about soldiers’ sacrifices at least once a year.

Mom, Dad, Captain Awesome’s dad – props.

But you shouldn’t just honor veterans in your family. On Veterans’ Day, you’re supposed to think about ALL the veterans who helped you get to live the free life you live today. There are really far too many to count, but I’d like to nod to just a few. A moment of silence, please.

Crazy Horse.

John Brown.

Nat Turner.

Fred Hampton.

Chief Joseph.

Denmark Vesey.

General Tubman.

Red Eagle.

My metaphorical hat goes off to all of you.

Update: Captain Awesome is fine.

And I don’t even care about the election. Actually, that’s a lie — I care about it slightly more than usual, since there is a difference between Democraps and Repugnicans on the DADT issue.

But I don’t care that the GOP just took over the world. I mean, it’s a bummer, but it’s not gonna change my and Captain Awesome’s day-to-day life. We’re still gonna be closeted. Still gonna be gay. Still gonna be badasses.

Next topic.

Captain Awesome had her minor surgery and is doing well. A civilian coworker that she’s out to came by and brought her food and conversation. We won’t know what the weird lump in her boob was for another couple weeks, but that doesn’t matter anymore because it’s not in her anymore — it’s in some jar on its way to a lab. Which is weird to think about.

Whenever I’m worried for Captain Awesome’s well-being, it always hits me how, well, awesome she is. I hope she and I get to live together forever.

Well, as soon as we’re able to live together.

Will You Bite Your Nails With Me?

So Captain Awesome is having her surgery as we speak. They’re probably cutting into her THIS SECOND with one of those shiny scalpels which she herself has used many times in her dental adventures.

Having experience with them doesn’t make her feel better.

I think I might throw up, or pee in my pants a little. For one, I’m a million miles away, and for two, she can’t even contact me if something goes wrong because she’s under full-body-out-like-a-light ANESTHESIA!

For those of you just tuning in, my partner Captain Awesome is having a lumpectomy to remove a not-so-suspicious-but-possibly-dangerous lump in her breast.

Captain Awesome has great boobs, by the way. If you’re a boob lady, Captain Awesome is the lady for you.

Anyway, back to what I was saying — I’m worried out of my FREAKING mind. Even though it’s a very routine surgery and she’s in the brown of health. She’s a freaking PT expert.

But I’m still worried. We gay military partners have a saying: No news is bad news.

Because if something goes wrong, we’re at the bottom of the list of people the military’s gonna contact. We’re right down there with Podunk Dave who lives in New Jersey.

Come ON, people. I hope this surgery goes fast. Cause I really am about to pee myself.

But I’m trying to distract myself with the fact that today is the beginning of NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month to the uninitiated.

Although the fact that I’m blogging instead of writing my novel shows that I’m failing at distracting myself.

Confirmed Bachelor, over and out.