Ding, dong, DADT is dead!

And I don’t even care about the election. Actually, that’s a lie — I care about it slightly more than usual, since there is a difference between Democraps and Repugnicans on the DADT issue.

But I don’t care that the GOP just took over the world. I mean, it’s a bummer, but it’s not gonna change my and Captain Awesome’s day-to-day life. We’re still gonna be closeted. Still gonna be gay. Still gonna be badasses.

Next topic.

Captain Awesome had her minor surgery and is doing well. A civilian coworker that she’s out to came by and brought her food and conversation. We won’t know what the weird lump in her boob was for another couple weeks, but that doesn’t matter anymore because it’s not in her anymore — it’s in some jar on its way to a lab. Which is weird to think about.

Whenever I’m worried for Captain Awesome’s well-being, it always hits me how, well, awesome she is. I hope she and I get to live together forever.

Well, as soon as we’re able to live together.


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