Ding, dong, DADT is dead!

Photo Detour: Military Ball

The photo above is of yours truly in female drag. Enjoy it; you won’t see it very often. I’m in drag because I’m going to military ball this weekend — not, unfortunately, with Captain Awesome, but with an Army guy I know here. He and two of his buddies are going with me, one of my housemate/friends, and my housemate’s best friend.

The ball is this Saturday. Immediately after the plans were finalized, my housemate started trying to get me to freak out about a dress. She’s an andro lady who has performed in female drag, but has no experience with the formal attire. “What are we gonna wear?” she kept saying to no one in particular. “What are you even supposed to wear to this thing?”

I had no idea, but I knew I was NOT going to go out and spend 200$ on something I would only wear once. So the next day I went online and found a dress on Etsy. The woman who made it (or rather, remade it) had put it on clearance — for ten dollars.

Oh snap. In just a few days, it was at my house. In just a few seconds, it was on me. “That’s like you, embodied in a dress,” said one approving housemate. Which is true. Blue and purple are my favorite colors. And iridescence? Even better. I wish the dress had sleeves, but I have to keep reminding myself that it’s drag.

Captain Awesome is somewhat bummed because she can’t do what a near-stranger is doing: invite me to the ball.



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