Ding, dong, DADT is dead!

The worst thing about DADT repeal votes failing (or never getting voted on in the first place) is telling Captain Awesome about them. She doesn’t burst into tears or anything. But she’s still bummed out.

I get bummed out too. But no joke: I’m gonna be WAY more bummed out when Captain Awesome and I are living together in a few short months.

It’s a joke. Not only do we both look like we’re about to burst into flames at any moment, but we’re only going to be two of like, TWO people of color in the entire town she lives in. Also, I go EVERYWHERE on a bike (as in, I do not own a driver’s license), so everyone in the town is gonna know me by sight in like, two days.

How are they not gonna put six and nine together?

I was really hoping Don’t Ask Don’t Tell would get conveniently voted out before I went to live with Captain Awesome. That would have been perfect timing. We would have been able to tell younger generations of queers what it was like living under the U.S.’s draconian anti-gay laws, but wouldn’t actually have to live our daily lives in fear for that long.

Now, it looks like we’re gonna be living our daily lives in fear and not-making-out-in-public for a LONG-ASS TIME. I swear, it’s so hard not to make out with Captain Awesome in public. She’s ridiculously HOT. It’s like, a reflex for me to kiss her dimple whenever it comes out.

So basically what the United States is saying to me is that my girlfriend can’t even SMILE in public.

Free country FAIL.


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