Ding, dong, DADT is dead!

Now That DADT’s Over…

Things Captain Awesome and I will be able to do:

1. Make out in public.

2. Buy matching rings at the local ring store.

3. Go to military ball.

4. Hold hands on the street.

5. Introduce each other to coworkers.

6.  Invite people to our house.

7. Sit on each other’s laps in the park.

8. Adopt children. (Not that I want to. But still.)

9. Get stationed overseas and still live together.

10. Put each other as next of kin on emergency contact forms.

11. Give each other that special smile in public.

12. Call each other pet names in public.

13. Tell homophobes to shut up.

14. Stare at straight troops in the showers.

15. Have sex with straight troops in foxholes.

16. Change the “military family” culture.

17. Live our lives in peace.

18. Go to a club with her and rest my hand on the small of her back during conversation.

19. Go to Captain Awesome’s various ceremonies.

20. Whomever we want!


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