Ding, dong, DADT is dead!

I am up at seven-thirty on a Saturday. When my alarm first went off I got hella pissed, because I thought I had forgotten to turn it off for the weekend. But then I remembered:


I’m so serious. And it looks like it’s gonna pass. This is the best things have looked for queers in the U.S. military, ever.

I think since repeal is so imminent (knock on wood), I can reveal something about me that I’ve already hinted at: I live in Our Nation’s Capital. (I can also reveal that because I’m soon moving to live with Captain Awesome).

So the ONLY place I’m going to be today (since I couldn’t go see my brother in the Nutcracker) is IN THE SENATE GALLERIES, ready with tomatoes to throw at McCain and glitter to throw on the whole Senate once the vote happens.

And the BEST thing is that one of the other queer partners got me a pass to the Senate gallery! I thought I was gonna have to go perform some sexual favors to get anything this late (I mean the vote only got scheduled yesterday, basically) — but he hooked me up. Afterwards, we’re gonna party.

Captain Awesome is also in a position to party. She took a weekend getaway to the only large city in her area — with HORSE DYKE, who’s also very invested in ending DADT. So they’re probably gonna party like rock stars when I give them the happy news.

Well, ladies, I have to go get pretty for this. Next time I post, it will be about Captain Awesome’s and my NEW LIFE!



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