Ding, dong, DADT is dead!

Captain Awesome, via text message:

When Obama was elected president, I was happy to have a Black man possibly on my team to take on the world. And now DADT is repealed, and I have my life partner to fight battles with. It’s so crazy that the same man who represented my venture into the illusion of being straight now represents my lesbian future.

She’s watching Obama sign the legislature into law, as am I and every other military-affiliated queer who’s able. My friends Keori and Gay Soldier’s Husband are actually there.

The only problem with that is that he’s given the Pentagon an open invitation to fool around as long as they want with actual implementation. People are saying it could take up to a year. I hope it doesn’t, obviously. Even though some people have been hiding for decades already, it would be a different kind of pain and frustration to have to wait another year, when civil rights are so close we can taste them.

But I’m not yet bummed about that. This is ridiculously historic. Watching the live feed of the ceremony, it looked like I was watching a video in a historical documentary or something — not something that’s happening in my own time.


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