Ding, dong, DADT is dead!

Gorging myself on pie.

It’s that slow week (if you’re off) between Christmas and New Year’s, when the leftovers are dwindling and the guests are starting to trickle away and you take lots of naps. I’m a heathen, but I suppose my family must be culturally Christian, because we never saw fit to stop celebrating Christmas. I think Christmas is one of the good things that white people have made up.

Captain Awesome came out to my mother’s place in Seattle for the first time. I’m still here, but she’s gone back to Militaryville, where I will be joining her on Thursday for the New Year’s weekend.

Our main news is that we went to Pike Place Market and got matching rings! They’re made of stainless steel and are super slim and simple and elegant. (And they weren’t expensive. I hate when people try to prove their love with expensive rings. These market-stall ones are more symbolic to me.) They look super pretty on us.

A year ago, or even maybe six months ago, I would have completely rejected Captain Awesome’s suggestion that we get matching rings. I mean, in the beginning, even the thought of having a partner was kind of a stretch for me. I’m a lone wolf like that. But I could tell that Captain Awesome would have really been happy about having matching rings, and I’m happy when she’s happy, so I said it wasn’t a problem. Now that we have them, I’m glad we got them, because they really are fun.

She’s not sure what she’s going to say at work if someone asks about it. If it were me, I’d just keep it off at work, but I think she thinks a ring is supposed to prove your love for someone and if you’re not wearing it, you’re not proving your love.

Also, we seem to have downgraded to Threatcon Bravo as far as Don’t Ask Don’t Tell goes. This was Captain Awesome’s choice. We were walking around in Seattle and she was all walking up next to me, touching me. It made me nervous, but it’s not really my choice. If she knows the risks and still wants to walk arm in arm, it’s her call. And really the risk was probably low.

So the Seattle visit went well. My mother’s out-of-town boyfriend was also visiting for the first time, so we made sure to go to lots of places they’d never been, like the Cascade mountains and the beach and Pike Place Market and all that. Captain Awesome had never seen the West, and had never seen real mountains, so she was excited about that. I would have loved to go on a multi-day hiking trip, but we did a lot for what time we had.

Except in a week, I have to go back to work. It looks like it’ll be a few months before they actually hire someone to take over my job, so I still have some time to put in there before I can move to live with Captain Awesome in Militaryville. I don’t want to leave my colleagues in a bad position, especially because we have lots of deadlines to meet all the time. And the money they’re giving me will go a long way in Militaryville.

But I’m still not excited about going back. Now that I’ve decided to move, I want to be there NOW.


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