Ding, dong, DADT is dead!

The holiday is over, and I’m back from Seattle and then Militaryville. It was great to come home to the close-knit community that is my house, and nice to be back in a place that has actual people of color and multiple gay bars. But all I want to do is pack up all my stuff and go live with Captain Awesome already. We had a great time. Unfortunately, I still have to wait for my bosses to find someone to replace me. I mean, I don’t HAVE to – I could give them my two weeks – but there’s no point in ending things badly. Plus, every week that I stay makes a big difference to my savings account.

But Captain Awesome and I had such a nice time! Militaryville doesn’t have much to recommend itself, especially with the freezing temperatures, but Captain Awesome and I did our own thing. We basically just hung out in her apartment (which will soon be our apartment) and talked and laughed and made tea and baked cookies and crocheted and taught her dog tricks and watched movies and took showers and made out. Also we went to the single Thai restaurant in the area (I wanted Indian food, but that doesn’t exist in Militaryville. So sad). I met the two friends she’s picked up since I was last there – between all of us we had two Great Danes, one Black lab (that’s Captain Awesome’s dog), a fat old shepherd mix, and a little coyote dog.  That’s five dogs. So of course the logical place to meet was at the dog park, where we spent an hour freezing our butts off.

We also went to the grocery store, which did have some natural foods (though they were off in their own special section, much like “ethnic” food is – as if the food in the section is abnormal or something).

The best thing was that we weren’t afraid people were going to report her for looking like a big gay homo. Captain Awesome has basically decided to come out. She says she’s still being careful, but her actions said otherwise. She kept taking my hand in the street. I felt nervous about it, but we talked and she said she had considered the risks and chosen to ignore them. So I stopped saying anything  — it’s her choice.

But even without Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, it’s still going to be tough work being fabulous there. Militaryville seems to be half military people, half frat-boy university students, and half Bible-thumpers. There were several times when we walked into a room or restaurant and were the ONLY people of color there – which I hadn’t experienced on a regular basis since I lived in Europe (which has a whole different set of problems). And we were definitely the only queer couple. I caught all kinds of stares, and one lady at the arts and crafts store was just straight-up rude to me.

I’m not saying I can’t handle them – but can Militaryville handle us, I wonder.


Comments on: "Preparing (in my head) to move." (2)

  1. Interesting read…..
    What a life we live!
    When I read about sisters who are shy or feel fear about holding their partner’s hands in the street but do it anyway, part of me feels joy, but the other part of me feels sad….
    I have to admit, I don’t envy you, going off to raise awareness in Militaryville, but I send you both many blessings and wish you a happy and safe life :O)
    Dear God… a town full of soldiers, frat boys and christians…. I’m twitching at the thought!
    Thanks for living your/our truth out loud, you rock :O)

  2. Thanks for the props, CWR. I’m not exactly psyched about the frat-boys– but from an anthropological standpoint, it will be interesting — because the rural U.S. is way more foreign and exotic to me than any other country I’ve been to.

    And of course, I’ll be a crochet expert by the time I go there (in like two months) — so I’ll have plenty to keep me entertained. :-)

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