Ding, dong, DADT is dead!

General Amos Sucks It

What you’re about to see cracked me UP.  I seriously thought it was a Saturday Night Live skit when I first clicked on it.

But it’s real. It’s a video of General Amos (who was strongly opposed to repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell) and the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps  sucking it up and telling Marines to get on board with repeal.

And it cracked me UP! It starts out with this awful “patriotic” music, with flags waving and everything. Then it cuts to Amos and the SMMC, who totally look like parodies of themselves. Like seriously, they don’t move anything except their mouths. And they speak in really strong versions of what I call a “military accent” — which sounds like a subset of the American Southern accent, except with the words more clipped. My favorite part is where the SMMC says,  “Marines have always been professional, carryin’ on our warrior ETHOS  and maintainin’ our core values. ”

This is interspersed with random pictures of Marines doing patriotic stuff like holding guns, awarding each other medals, walking into the sunset, and looking behind them ponderously while the words of the Constitution float in front of their heads, while the brass tells them to suck up the fact that they’ll be living with gays and be professional.

I literally thought this was Saturday Night Live.

Now I know I shouldn’t think this is funny. I know I should be genuinely happy that Amos has decided to get on board.  I know these are top military officials and I’m supposed to respect them. But goddammit, that shit was funny.  Lighten UP, U.S. military! I know you have to foster nationalism. I know you think you’re on some kind of grand video game mission. But seriously — it’s not that hard-core. The eagles are a little much, IMHO.

Sometimes I get so involved in my radical world that I forget that most Americans would think this is a totally serious, normal video to make.

Confirmed Bachelor, over and out.


Comments on: "General Amos Sucks It" (5)

  1. anonyvet said:

    Hoo-ah! Step out smartly! I want to see CSM David Lady (ret.) give that speech for the Army.

  2. Omg as far as I’m concerned that would be NSFW. Because I would be laughing so hard.

  3. I'm a wildcat, rawr said:

    The best part is the way they avoid using the words “lesbian” “gay” or “bisexual” anywhere and only name DADT, like, once in that entire 3 minute speech.

    So it’s more funny because it basically says, “Y’all are doing a great job! And I know you’ll keep doing a great job! There’s some changes coming that you’ll keep doing a great job through! Great job!”

  4. Hey now, that was a touching, well-composed, tasteful video. I crack up with the utmost respect for… actually, you know what, I can’t even keep going with that because I’m still laughing.

    Thanks for sharing this one!

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