Ding, dong, DADT is dead!

I Can Now Die Happy.

I have three women in my life today, in this particular order:

1. Captain Awesome. Always awesome, always number one. Soon to be my live-in partner.

2. A woman that I just went out on a breakfast date with. She’s got a Shane thing going on.  By which I mean she’s ridiculously hot and averse to commitment. Those are both things I’m looking for in a secondary partner.

3. Jennifer Beals. Oh my freaking GOD, Jennifer Beals. I was already a massive Bette Porter devotee (that’s her character on The L Word, for those of you who grew up in holes). As in, when I got hired at my fancy downtown media job, I took specific trips to the store to purchase clothing that would make me look more like Bette Porter on the job.  Has anybody seen her new show? L Word fans, prepare to fall to the ground in a quivering, screaming mass of devotion.

Jennifer Beals is in a new show called The Chicago Code – where she plays not just a cop, but THE HEAD OF EVERY COP IN CHICAGO.

I can’t believe this is happening in real life. This is one of those things that I never thought would occur during my lifetime.   This is one of those things that, when it happens, you remember exactly what you’re wearing and exactly who you were with.

I Can. Not. Handle.This. This is like every lesbian’s wet dream, ON SCREEN! Look at this. Just LOOK at this.

I can’t talk about the show without talking about the multiple massive major RACEFAILS that seem to inundate any show on network television. By racefail, I mean they did something racist. A few of the racefails that I picked up:

1. First scene with the main white guy (who seems to get more screen time than Beals) opens with him chasing a Latino criminal and saying, “Don’t do this, amigo!”  He’s not your amigo. And I’m not excited about your character.

2. The only character that’s treated as Black (Beals is getting a colorblind treatment so far) also happens to be the main bad guy. It’s nice that he’s a successful Black guy, but since he apparently got there through corruption, that doesn’t do it for me. Although I must say I really enjoy the guy’s acting.

3. Multiple passing stereotypes: frightened Asian convenience store man,  loyal person of color who dies saving the main character, “gangstas” who talk about “baby mamas” – all the supporting  characters of color are one-dimensional as hell, except for this one Black cop who seems to have some promise.

All in all, it’s a show by white people, for white people. I could even say something about the supporting female character – there’s only one so far, and she definitely gets overpowered by a perp and has to be rescued by her male partner in the second episode. But I don’t mind that so much, because every time something lame happens with her, it usually switches pretty quickly back to JENNIFER BEALS. Who is not stereotyped. Who does not take crap. Who walks around in a police uniform telling people what to do.

Oh, my beating HEART!

I’ll leave you with this video.


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